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The Best Gigs of October: As Told By Gigantic Gig Goers

Posted on Monday 30th October 2023 at 16:00

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There's no better feeling than being together with friends, listening to live music. The scene truly comes back to life in the autumn each year, as summer fades, and indoor venues begin to fill up again after a whirlwind season of outdoor festivals. This October has proven to be no different!

We at Gigantic Tickets love hearing about your amazing live experiences, so we've rounded up some of our favourite five star customer reviews from October, plus all the best photos of the month courtesy of our amazing #GiganticGigGoer community on Instagram! Check them out, and if you're feeling the FOMO make sure you a book a ticket to a live gig today!



Hockley Hustle - Various Venues, Nottingham (22nd October 2023)

A heart warming day at Hockley Hustle

As always, a really good event with fabulous venues and artists to explore. There is always too much to see and so we find ways that works for us. Choose a handful of venues for the music you enjoy - sit, relax, chat and enjoy hearing artists you know or don't know.

Our highlights this year were in Revolution, The Pelican Club and the Pitcher and Piano - going to church with UFO, what an experience! I love the buzz on Broad Street as you arrive and pick up wristbands and seeing such a diversity of people coming out to support Nottingham culture.

Growing up we wanted to see Hockley with street bars, eateries, pubs, clubs and hang out places. The dream came true - and never better expressed than in Hockley Hustle. Thank you team!

Review by Fiona G.



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Lloyd Cole - Union Chapel, London (21st October 2023)

Wonderful night

Lloyd Cole's concert exceeded our expectations by far. We know the venue is extraordinary but the sound was also excellent. Having expected a stripped out solo acoustic/keyboard-led first half, we were treated to full band playing songs from the entire length of his career over the two.

The musicians (two Commotions Neil and Blair, and the wonderful drummer/percussionist Signy Jakobsdottir) played with spirit but also nuance, and the songs had a distinctive live sound. We also enjoyed the pre-concert dinner in the bar which although quite pricey, was really tasty and all were satisfied. I believe the money raised goes to a good cause, so worth supporting.

Review by William R.



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The Dualers - Indigo at The O2, London (27th October 2023)

Never knowingly underperform, ergo awesome

We’ve been following these guys since their busking days albeit from a distance. Always wanted to come and see them perform, mainly because they play the music I grew up with, so we booked a weekend in London came to see them at The Indigo.

Start to finish, the band were absolutely fantastic. Amazing value for money, can’t say enough about the organisers, the band, and the guys behind the scenes. A totally amazing evening thank you, also to Tyber and the guys.

Review by John D.



Sunbirds - Southside, Lincoln (28th October 2023)

An intimate privilege - big band, small venue

Slightly surprised to read that a band I hadn’t heard of, but with excellent pedigree, we’re going to play at our new-ish and much loved small city venue. I snapped up tickets and am so pleased that I did.

The gathering was fairly intimate, the room not huge and the space not exactly crammed. The undoubtedly local, mostly curious audience had enjoyed the support, and had a good idea what to expect of Dave’s vocal contribution, but awareness was limited and we were eager to hear what Sunbirds had to offer.

Laura stepped up with a quick intro, clearly staring into the abyss, but with any hesitancy lasting about half a heartbeat before the band launched into “Big Moneymaker”. Within half a minute you could sense the change in the vibe in the room - we were in for, at the very least, a decent evening.

Difficult to go into detail after that - a sign of a truly enjoyable gig, where being unfamiliar with the music didn’t in any way hold me back from being carried along with the performance. Laura delivered her share of the vocal lead with power, capability and clear enthusiasm. Dave’s vocal style shone through, appreciated by those of us with fond memories of his previous work. The support had hinted that Marc (drums) would be worth watching - and they weren’t wrong.

The whole band seemed at ease, to be clearly enjoying their delivery, and easily able to carry themselves with a much larger venue and audience. It was an absolute delight to see Dave take to the drums for a rendition of “Build” during the encore before finishing back on Sunbirds own turf with “Northside”.

I grabbed a t-shirt and a copy of the set list on the way out, my only regret being not getting it cheekily signed. I think this band is destined for very well deserved success.

Review by Mike K.



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Hawklords - Marrs Bar, Worcester (27th October 2023)

Levitating Lords

As usual, Hawklords took everyone, myself included, into an other realm... The three guys gave their spiritual energy, style and space rock nuances to the assembled followers gathered in this small but very popular venue.

Blasting their way through space and time with old favourites, new album tasters and a mesmerising backdrop, the 'Lords delivered yet another fine performance. Although it was the last gig of a 19-date tour, they never let up, and sent us all to another pleasurable level.

Yes, the true Lords of Levitation... and we love it! Can't wait till next year's tour and perhaps a new album? An awesome band and a great venue. A truly great time was had by all the space cadets!

Review by Log G.



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Samantha Fish & Jesse Dayton - Barrlowland, Glasgow (20th October 2023)

Fantastic night

The Barrowland is, and always has been, a superb venue, and for good reason. It gives you that up close and personal experience that a lot of similar or larger venues lack. And it's exactly this that Samantha Fish thrives on.

Her music is made for places like this. What we got was some of the best blues on offer, being played by one of its leading lights. The audience could see how much Samantha was enjoying playing, and having Jesse Dayton on stage with her gave off an incredible vibe. Playing songs from their excellent album Death Wish Blues, they powered through the set, which also included songs from Samantha's back catalogue, like the always popular Bulletproof.

Throw in a couple of old blues acoustic numbers and you had the recipe for an excellent night of unforgettable music.

Review by Angus M.


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