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The Best Gigs of November As Told By Gigantic Gig Goers

Posted on Monday 27th November 2023 at 16:00

Jimi Arundell

Written by
Jimi Arundell


November has been yet another big month of gigs, seeing venues packed full of fans with their hands in the air singing to every song. Every reveller united by the unique thrill of seeing their favourite artists rock the house.

We share your passion for live music, and we love to hear about your thrilling experiences watching top artists. So, we’ve gathered some of our favourite five-star customer reviews sent to Gigantic Tickets during November highlighting the best events enjoyed by you. Plus, we bring you the best photos taken by our lovely #GiganticGigGoer community for you to enjoy!

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Iris DeMent – Islington Assembly Hall, London (1st November 2023)


This is the first time I have seen Iris DeMent live, having been a fan of her work for many years. I thought I had a good idea of what to expect: able musicianship, incisive lyrics and a social conscience allied to a deep personal faith. I was right - all of those things shone through. What I was not expecting was the brio of the performance. Iris, ably backed and supported by Liz Draper on upright bass and Ana Egge on guitar/mandolin, gripped us by the throat from the off and stormed her way through her set, particularly when seated at the piano. She brought a lump to the throat, she made you smile and she never failed to engage you in the deepest way. One of the most involving and satisfying performances it has been my pleasure to be at for some considerable time. Wow!

Review by Bob T


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Wheatus –  Cambridge Junction, Cambridge (5th November 2023)

Spectacular performance

These guys always know how to put on a show! Their opening act MC Frontalot was amazing he really knew how to get the crowd involved and warmed up. He wouldn't have been the kind of artist I would go out of my way to see but after watching his set I would happily see him again! Wheatus brought with them amazing vibes and from start to finish it was such a fun experience. They didn't have a setlist they let us choose what songs we wanted and really involved the crowd in everything they did. It had everything you could wish for in a gig from great music to great laughs in-between songs it was just an overall thrilling experience. And their drummer is really something else! Bottom line, anytime these guys are in the country it's worth a visit.

Review by Amy J.



Maximum Rhythm And Blues with The Manfreds –  Pavilion Theatre, Bournemouth (25th November 2023)

Awesome evening

This was my favourite concert ever - all the performers were excellent and Paul Jones looks incredible, sings amazingly and has to be the world's best harmonica player. Mike D'Abo's voice was really strong, he was brilliant too. The audience really loved the event and we sang along to many of the songs, which we all knew of course. My absolute favourite has always been "Smokestack Lightning" and Paul's singing of this completely blew me away. I will definitely see them again when they come to somewhere near me.

Review by Anna H.



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The Sisters of Mercy – NX, Newcastle Upon Tyne (18th November 2023)

Great Performance

Despite recent illness and a mid-tour lineup change the band were in excellent form, with Eldritch connecting to his audience and seeming to enjoy being there. He gave a great deal of himself and poured his heart into the performance. The chemistry between the band members was clear to see and matched the chemistry between the band and audience, something that hasn't always been the case in past SoM gigs. I even saw Eldritch crack a brief smile at one point, a momentary break in his carefully crafted stage facade which seemed to stem from his genuinely being happy to be there. All in all a very good night.

Review by Bryan I.



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Fear Factory – Electric Ballroom, London (03rd November 2023)

Epic Return To The Electric Ballroom

With the venue completely changed after not being there of nearly 13 years it's more accessible and absolutely well upgraded. Fear Factory is my be ALL and end ALL band. Been a fan of theirs for a quarter of a century and they never disappoint. Now with the all-new singer Milo Silvestro heading this band. He's equal on par as this band's former singer Burton C. Bell. The security was good, absolutely enjoyed the perfect night out. With NO issues. I would like to thank the good folk of the Electric Ballroom, even the support bands Ghosts of Atlantis Ukraines Ignea, Butcher Babies and Fear Factory were absolutely on time no one was late. Gigantic thank you for making this old Fear Factory veteran fan proud.

Review by Paul B.



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