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Posted on Monday 4th December 2023 at 16:40

Jimi Arundell

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Jimi Arundell


As 2023 begins to draw to a close, we at Gigantic Tickets can't help but think of all the amazing acts we've discovered this year. We've seen some of our favourite up and comers become festival staples in 2023, and we've watched new bands and artists take to grassroots venues to become firm favourites in our live calendars.

So, we're looking ahead to next year, which is bound to be another banner year for the live music scene in the UK. Take a peek at some of our Ones to Watch for 2024; we expect these artists are going to become rising stars over the next 12 months and we're urging you to see them before they hit the big time! Tickets for all these acts, and more, on sale now with Gigantic.


Bess Atwell

For fans of emotionally charged songwriters

Brighton-based evocative songwriter Bess Atwell is a favourite of BBC Radio 6 Music and many more critics and tastemakers. This year saw the release of her emotionally charged single “The Weeping”, and she announces headline dates for 2024.

📆 Tour Dates:

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Get ready to have your teeth rattled

Fusing shoegaze with post rock, bdrmm are rapidly being recognised as one of the most important bands breaking out of the underground. Signed to Mogwai’s Rock Action label, the Hull band have dropped second LP I Don't Know and look set for big things in the new year.

📆 Tour Dates:

  • 05 March 2024: bdrmm – Band on the Wall, Manchester
  • 18 March 2024: bdrmm – The Face Bar, Reading
  • 19 March 2024: bdrmm – Yellow Arch Studios, Sheffield

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Des Rocs

Taking rock n’ roll into the 21st century

New York based musician Des Rocs takes a fresh approach to blues-orientated rock. Sharp and stylish, his raw riffs are guaranteed to get your body moving.  Go check out his latest LP Dream Machine!


📆 Tour Dates:

  • 16 January 2024: Des Rocs – Thekla, Bristol
  • 17 January 2024: Des Rocs – The Bodega, Nottingham
  • 20 January 2024: Des Rocs – The Dome, London

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Girl Scout

Earn your Great Taste in Music badge when you book tickets with Gigantic

Swedish indie pop quartet Girl Scout are a huge draw right across Europe. Yet to release a debut album, make sure to catch one of their UK shows during May next year and brag about how you saw them before they were big later.

📆 Tour Dates:

  • 23 May 2024: Girl Scout – The Deaf Institute, Manchester
  • 28 May 2024: Girl Scout – The Lexington, London

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FFO Radiohead, Pink Floyd and Spiritualized

junodream’s atmospheric take on dream pop speaks of alienation in the 21st century. Intelligent and euphoric, they impressed once again with latest single “Kitchen Sink Drama”.

📆 Tour Dates:

  • 21 February 2024: junodream – Rescue Rooms, Nottingham
  • 23 February 2024: junodream – The Deaf Institute, Manchester
  • 24 February 2024: junodream – Thekla, Bristol

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Lake Malice

A rock/rave duo for adrenaline junkies

Lake Malice fuse high energy dance with hard rock. They are comprised of just two members, and what duo Alice Guala and Blake Cornwall lack in numbers they make up with passion and fury.

📆 Tour Dates:

  • 06 March 2024: Lake Malice – Green Door Store, Brighton
  • 09 March 2024: Lake Malice – Waterfront Studio, Norwich
  • 22 March 2024: Lake Malice – Rough Trade Nottingham, Nottingham
  • 23 March 2024: Lake Malice – The Asylum 2, Birmingham

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Lime Garden

Check out new single “I Want To Be You”

Indie-electro fourpiece Lime Garden are a band from Brighton including Chloe Howard (vocals, guitar), Annabel Whittle (drums), Leila Deeley (guitar) and Tippi Morgan (bass).

CLICK HERE to check out our early interview with drummer Annabel. She spoke to us about her favourite album White Men Are Black Men Too by Young Fathers.

📆 Tour Dates:

  • 06 March 2024: Lime Garden – Yes (The Pink Room), Manchester
  • 07 March 2024: Lime Garden – Lafayette, London

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Pissed Jeans

If you want intense, they’ve got it!

There’s absolutely nothing subtle about Sub Pop signees Pissed Jeans. The Pennsylvanian hardcore punks go full throttle with blistering riffs and painfully screamed vocals.

📆 Tour Dates:

  • 30 March 2024: Pissed Jeans – EartH (Concert Hall), London
  • 04 April 2024: Pissed Jeans – Brudenell Social Club, Leeds

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Saint Agnes

Get tickets for The Bloodsuckers Tour

Ferocious three piece Saint Agnes are blues infused punk rock. Next year sees them embark on The Bloodsuckers Tour – tickets on sale with Gigantic right now!

📆 Tour Dates:

  • 24 January 2024: Saint Agnes – The Bodega, Nottingham
  • 25 January 2024: Saint Agnes – The Garage, London
  • 26 January 2024: Saint Agnes – The Devil's Dog, Birmingham
  • 28 January 2024: Saint Agnes – Think Tank, Newcastle Upon Tyne
  • 01 February 2024: Saint Agnes – The 1865, Southampton
  • 02 February 2024: Saint Agnes – The Boileroom, Guildford
  • 03 February 2024: Saint Agnes – Patterns, Brighton

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Fist pumping anthems with real feel-good factor

Indie rock singer-songwriter (AKA Torres) Mackenzie Ruth Scott is gearing up to drop fifth album What an Enormous Room in January. She hits the UK the following month to play showcase shows in Bristol and London.

📆 Tour Dates:

  • 13 February 2024: Torres – Strange Brew, Bristol
  • 14 February 2024: Torres – Oslo, London

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Between You & Me

Pop punk perfection from Down Under

Australian pop-punks Between You & Me are led by singer Jake Wilson, and includes twin brothers Chris (guitar) and Jamey Bowerman (drums), Jai Gibson (guitar) and James Karagiozis (bass guitar). New single “YEAH!” dropped last month to become a viral hit.

📆 Tour Dates:

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English Teacher

Grade A post punk

Leeds band English Teacher are impressing with their groovy take on post punk. Members include Lily Fontaine (vocals, rhythm guitar, synth), Douglas Frost (drums), Nicholas Eden (bass) and Lewis Whiting (lead guitar, synth).

📆 Tour Dates:

Get your English Teacher tickets from Gigantic today!




A street poet with big beats and good vibes

Hertfordshire born and raised boy mustbejohn fuses dance beats with relatable lyrics about everyday life. He has just dropped the Losing Balance EP.

📆 Tour Dates:

  • 24 February 2024: mustbejohn – Dareshack, Bristol
  • 01 March 2024: mustbejohn – Yes (The Pink Room), Manchester
  • 08 March 2024: mustbejohn – Oslo, London
  • 09 March 2024: mustbejohn – The Hope and Ruin, Brighton

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Smells like queer spirit

LYNKS is the brash industrial queer artist famed for his high-energy shows and signature homemade mask. Showing every sign of being the next superstar – make sure you book tickets to see this cult icon before he breaks through into the mainstream.

📆 Tour Dates:

  • 16 April 2024: LYNKS – Chalk, Brighton
  • 17 April 2024: LYNKS – KOKO, London
  • 19 April 2024: LYNKS – Canvas, Manchester

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As Everything Unfolds

Epic sounds for progressive metal fans

Buckinghamshire progressive metal band As Everything Unfolds are Charlie Rolfe (lead vocals), Adam Kerr (lead guitar), George Hunt (bass), Jon Cassidy (synths) and Jamie Gowers (drums). This year saw the release of their second LP Ultraviolet.

📆 Tour Dates:

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Battle Beast

Furious riffs and anthemic vocals

Channelling the passion and catchy riffs of 80s power rock, Finnish band Battle Beast describe themselves as “party power metal”. Latest album Circus of Doom hit No. 1 in their homeland. They invade our shores next September.

📆 Tour Dates:

Get your Battle Beast tickets from Gigantic today!



Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard

Flying high in 2024!

Cardiff band Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard dropped their debut album Backhand Deals last year. Tapping into classic rock with a psych feel – their timeless sound is marking them out as a future great.

📆 Tour Dates:

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Muscled post-hardcore from Belgium

Post-hardcore three-piece Brutus create an unrelenting wall of sound with crushing riffs. Featuring Stefanie Mannaerts on drums and vocals, with Stijn Vanhoegaerden on guitar and Peter Mulders on bass – they are definitely ones to watch in 2024!

📆 Tour Dates:

  • 07 December 2023: Brutus– Islington Assembly Hall, London
  • 08 December 2023: Brutus– Chalk, Brighton
  • 11 December 2023: Brutus– Academy 3, Manchester
  • 13 December 2023: Brutus– The Asylum, Birmingham

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Fun and flirty Scouse post punk

Liverpudlian art punks Courting include members Sean Murphy-O'Neill, Sean Thomas, Joshua Cope, and Connor McCann. In 2024, they release their second record New Last Name which they take on tour during February.


📆 Tour Dates:

  • 07 February 2024: Courting – Dust, Brighton
  • 08 February 2024: Courting – Face Bar, Reading
  • 13 February 2024: Courting – The Bodega, Nottingham
  • 19 February 2024: Courting – The Leadmill, Sheffield

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Hannah Jadagu

The bedroom popstar taking over

Texan-born songwriter Hannah Jadagu created her entire debut EP What Is Going On? on her iPhone 7 using Garageband. It was followed by the critically acclaimed first album Aperture, out now on Sub Pop.


📆 Tour Dates:

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The Brooklyn born songwriter you need to know.

Experimental pop songwriter Taja Cheek is better known to the world as L'Rain. Her sumptuous sound can be heard on her latest LP I Killed Your Dog which she unveiled at the end of October. She now looks to the new year, which includes headline shows in the UK.

📆 Tour Dates:

Get your L'Rain tickets from Gigantic today!




Soulful rhymes and jazzy beats

Rapper, poet, and record producer Noname is the moniker of Chicago musician Fatimah Nyeema Warner. She has risen from rapping and performing slam poetry in her hometown to becoming a bright star on the jazz informed hip-hop scene.

📆 Tour Dates:

  • 04 February 2024: Noname – Academy, Manchester
  • 06 February 2024: Noname – Eventim Apollo, London

Get your Noname tickets from Gigantic today!



The Deep Blue

Catchy hooks and gorgeous harmonies

The Deep Blue are an indie folk group from Manchester. The band includes members Georgia Gage, Niamh Feeney, Katie Emmanuel and Sophie Wozencraft.

📆 Tour Dates:

Get your The Deep Blue tickets from Gigantic today!



Junior Brother

Irish indie folk has never sounded so good

Junior Brother is the stage name of Choice Prize-nominated songwriter Ronan Kealy from County Kerry. His raw and honest take on indie folk can be heard on albums Pull The Right Rope and The Great Irish Famine.

📆 Tour Dates:

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Personal Trainer

Slacker anthems aplenty from this awesome artist from Amsterdam

Loaded full of catchy hooks and witty lyrics; Personal Trainer are the effortlessly cool Dutch indie rock band centred around Willem Smit.

📆 Tour Dates:

Get your Personal Trainer tickets from Gigantic today!



Pet Needs

Frenetic punk rock

Essex lads Pet Needs have supported the likes of Frank Turner and The Lottery Winners. They embark on their own headline tour which kicks off in April 2024.

📆 Tour Dates:

CLICK HERE for complete listings.

Get your Pet Needs tickets from Gigantic today!



Pablo Brooks

The fresh face of next-generation indie pop

German indie pop star Pablo Brooks is the new twenty-something on the scene, impressing with his introspective yet upbeat anthems.

📆 Tour Dates:

  • 09 November 2024: Pablo Brooks – Omeara, London
  • 11 November 2024: Pablo Brooks – The Deaf Institute, Manchester
  • 12 November 2024: Pablo Brooks – The Poetry Club, SWG3 Glasgow, Glasgow
  • 13 November 2024: Pablo Brooks – The Louisiana, Bristol

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Smooth sounds and funky beats

Fusing smooth jazz with funky hip-hop plus R&B, pianist and producer Kiefer is becoming an international sensation thanks to tracks “Family”, “Doomed”, Superhero” and “It’s Ok, B U”.

📆 Tour Dates:

  • 25 January 2024: Kiefer – The Deaf Institute, Manchester
  • 29 January 2024: Kiefer – Thekla, Bristol
  • 30 January 2024: Kiefer – Islington Assembly Hall, London

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Beam Me Up

Out of this world music for true music fans

Beam Me Up zooms from The Drill in Lincoln down to Oxford in February. See Deadletter, The Rills, Snayx, Dolores Forever and many more awesome acts when you book your ticket with Gigantic.

📆 Event Dates:

  • 09 February 2024: Beam Me Up – The Drill, Lincoln
  • 10 February 2024: Beam Me Up – Various Oxford Venues, Oxford

Get your Beam Me Up tickets from Gigantic today!



Focus Wales

See Cool Cymru bands and more!

Focus Wales presents the best band and artists from around the country and includes conferences and keynote speeches too.

📆 Event Dates:

  • 09 – 11 May 2024: Focus Wales – Various Wrexham Venues, Wrexham

Get your Focus Wales tickets from Gigantic today!



Ritual Union

The multi-venue festival showcasing the best in next generation talent

See Dream Wife, Liz Lawrence, Do Nothing and many more artists at Ritual Union next year.

📆 Event Dates:

Get your Ritual Union tickets from Gigantic today!



Outer Town

A big day our for listeners of post punk and indie rock

Outer Town hits Bristol’s best venues next spring. The lineup includes Snapped Ankles, Heavy Lungs, Deadletter and Flaming Gods.

📆 Event Dates:

  • 13 April 2024: Outer Town – Various Venues, Bristol

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