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Posted on Friday 12th April 2019 at 14:30

Jimi Arundell

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Jimi Arundell

Customer Service

Got a Question about your order?


Here at Gigantic, we have a dedicated customer service team that is here to help you with your order. After years of working in the Primary Ticket Industry, we know the events you are attending are important, therefore, so are your tickets. We want to make the process as easy as we possibly can for you, so we’ve put together a list of our most commonly asked queries to try and help you out…


 1. I wonder if you can help me?

We most certainly can! We have our trained (and frankly, wonderful) customer service team that is ready and willing between 9 am and 5:30 pm, Monday to Friday.

Please note that this is our customer service number, all sales must be done through our website

You can contact us via email:


Or call us on 0115 807 7900 (+44 115 807 7900 from outside the UK)


2. Do I need to print my ticket out or can I just show the tickets on my phone?

If you are asked to print your ticket, we recommend you do so as it will speed up your entry at the venue. Can you print at work? At home? It's definitely worth doing so…

If this really isn’t possible you may be able to show the ticket on your phone, however, this is down to the venue's discretion and it may take longer to gain entry to the event.


 3. What is the difference between tiers

For some of our events, you may notice there are different tiers for General Admission tickets.  There is no difference between the tiers, all are general admission tickets however the earlier you buy your ticket(s) in advance of the event, the cheaper the ticket. So, tiers indicate what price you’ll pay for your general admission… therefore, the earlier you buy the cheaper the ticket! 


4. Can I have a refund?

Tickets are sold on a non refundable basis, so we can’t offer a refund…

However we understand that sometimes something comes up, and you can’t make an event so we work with Twickets, an ethical resale platform to help our customers sell tickets for face value or less. – more info below

If you’re event has been cancelled, have a scroll down to Q 10 for more info.


5. Can I re-sell my tickets to you?

We understand that sometimes there are genuine reasons that prevent people from being able to attend a show. We hate to see those tickets go to waste so we have teamed up with Twickets, an ethical resale platform to help our customers sell tickets for face value or less.

You can trade tickets securely through their service, with payment and delivery all agreed upfront. This means no touts, tickets at face value or less and a standard booking fee.

We're all about getting people into gigs they love! 

Sell Tickets with Twickets now https://www.gigantic.com/call_backs/outbound.php?url=aHR0cHM6Ly93d3cudHdpY2tldHMuY28udWsvc2VsbD9hYz1HSUcwMQ==

Buy Tickets with Twickets now



6. Can I change the name on my tickets?

7. My tickets were given to me as a gift, can I have my name put on the order?

8. I have tickets for COBO (Collect at Box Office), can a friend collect them instead?

Firstly, our top tip is making sure you put the person who is attending the event on the order when purchasing. We know this isn’t always possible however so please read on…

When it comes to changing the name on an order, its sadly isn’t straightforward – all events have different terms and conditions in place by the organiser/venue to clamp down on fraud, ticket resale plus a whole host more.

So, for this type of query, we ask you to contact our customer service team (info above)

This is the quickest and easiest way to rectify the issue.

Please note - we’re not always able to change the name on the order, if it’s a strict policy from the promoter/event. This is sometimes the case when it’s a high demand show to try and prevent touting.


9. Where are my tickets?

We have two types of tickets ones we print ourselves and ones we receive from the organiser/venue

Tickets we print here at Gigantic. We try and get these printed and sent within 7 days of the purchase.

Tickets we receive from the organiser/venue are those fancy tickets that have specific designs in relation to the event. We receive these tickets, usually, closer to the event. We understand that this can be annoying, especially when you’ve bought tickets as a gift but we promise, as soon as we receive them, we’ll try and get them out of the door, asap!


10. I received an email informing me that an event has been cancelled

We’ve all had that feeling when our favourite band had to cancel a tour date. It’s totally gutting, we hear ya. However, if you’ve received an email from our Gigantic Team customerservices@gigantic.com then the news is correct.

But, what next?

There are usually three types of cancelled events

Postponed with a new confirmed date

This means that the event isn’t going ahead on the planned night however the event organisers have already confirmed a new date (huzzah). In this case, you don’t have to do anything, just sit tight and wait for the new date. If however, you can’t make the new date and require a refund, we will need you to post your tickets (we recommend tracked posting) before we can refund you. 

Postponed with no confirmed date

When, for unforeseen circumstance, the event on that night has had to be cancelled there isn’t a new date lined up. This might be when an artist is ill or something similar. In this case, we advise you to wait until we receive details on the new date.  We’ll let you know as soon as we hear anything!


If the event is cancelled, then there is no plan to reschedule (sad face), we’ll immediately refund your ticket without you needing to send the ticket back to Gigantic. Disappointing, we know, but we’ll make the process as painless as possible.

Please note – all refunds are face value only


11. What time does the event start/finish?

The event times vary across the hundreds of events we sell for, so we don’t always have the exact times/receive the info, especially if you want specifics for support acts etc

The best way to find out event times is to have a look at the venue, artist or event Facebook or website


12. I forgot to add a child ticket to my order, can you add this on as it says I can’t book it on its own

Don’t worry, the message simply means you must have purchased an adult ticket to get your free child ticket – as you’ve already booked your adult ticket previously, you’re good to book. When arriving on the day of the event, the child ticket must be with a valid adult ticket to gain entry.


13. Booking Fee

We know booking fees are everyone’s pet peeve but let us give you a little bit more info on why Primary Ticket Agents charge you a booking fee.

Booking fees pay for Gigantic to offer a 7 days a week, 24 hours a day booking service, labour costs, dealing with any order issues, keeping the website and mobile site running smoothly, developing the technology to make the order process as easy and efficient as possible, and ensuring you never need to queue up at a venue Box Office to buy tickets… and to write this blog post.


Finally, if you’ve never booked with us before and would like a little more info about us…

We launched in April 2007 and since then we've had the pleasure of getting over a million of you into the gigs you love. We work with many of the UK's biggest promoters, festivals, and venues.

All our tickets are sourced directly from promoters and venues. We are not an auction site, and you won't find us selling tickets at ten times their face value. Check out our contact us page, and you'll see that we don't hide behind a PO Box number or a non-geographic phone number, and all our company and VAT registration details are there to provide complete transparency.

Gigantic are also members of STAR (Society of Ticket Agents and Retailers) who are the leading self-regulatory body for the entertainment ticketing industry across the United Kingdom, so you know you are always in safe hands.


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