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Celebrities In Lockdown

Posted on Thursday 19th March 2020 at 13:45

Jimi Arundell

Written by
Jimi Arundell

In trying times, you can always rely on social media to keep you entertained.

For those that are currently self-isolating, here are our favourite celebrities on lockdown to keep you going... 



Sir Anthony Hopkins 

Not only is Sir Anthony spoiling us with a video of his kitty but also with his incredible piano talents. I did not know how much I needed this video right now…




Sam Neill 

If you don’t follow Sam Neill on Twitter, you definitely should. One because he has pigs and ducks, and there is never a wrong time for animal fodder. But also, unlike his Peaky Blinders character, he’s a wonderful human and is bringing some light comedy in dark times. 


Here he is talking about what he’s been up to in isolation.




Arnold Schwarzenegger 

Everyone has Arnie on social media, right? RIGHT?

Well if you have been missing out on him hanging out with his mates Whiskey and Lulu (his pet pony + donkey, obvs) now is the time to get plugged in


I’m also pretty sure he is wearing a Terminator t-shirt under his jacket here too.


There are also handwashing videos, hot tub videos, videos of him and whiskey playing in the garden. So many. So good. 



Christine Tiegan and the Fam  

Christie and John always have a very strong social media game but they really have upped it of late. 


There has been lots of live music to boost morale - at one point Christie is sat on the piano putting on deodorant. My god, I wish I looked that good while putting on deodorant. 


Lots of great videos to check out but this one feels the most relatable. 




Bob Mortimer 

Train guy has been going for a while now and it is the gift that keeps on giving…


In the latest instalment, we were all very happy to find out the infamous Jeff Linton was in fact Matt Berry. YAS. 


Here is Bob doing train guy from his ‘isolation inspiration station’. Also, if you’ve not seen this already, go and watch them all… oh and have a campachoochoo on me.


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