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Why is my order not going through?

Last updated on Thursday 27th January 2022 at 10:04

If after entering your details and clicking "Buy Tickets" you are returned to the order form, scroll down to see what has happened. You may have just missed something out or entered it incorrectly. There is no need to start your booking again from scratch, just check all the details you have entered carefully, then submit your order again.

We have compiled a check list below of the most common reasons why orders fail:

The address you provide MUST be the address that your CARD is registered to (i.e. the address where your card statements are sent to), including the full postcode where applicable. If you have recently moved, or are a student with a term time and home address, please consider where the card itself is currently registered.

If you have a UK postcode beginning "CR0" or ending "0XX", please note that the "0" in either case should be entered as a zero, rather than the letter "O".

If your card has a start date or valid from date, or an issue number, please enter these as they are required for some types of card.

If you are using a wheel mouse, please check that the expiry date and start date are correct before you click the button, as these can inadvertently be altered when scrolling down with the wheel.

Please double check the CVS number (the last 3 digits from the signature strip on the back of the card). This is typically changed when a new card is issued, so if you have recently received a new card please check that you are entering the correct number.

If you are still having problems please contact us.

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