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The Bizarre World of Frank Zappa Tickets

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"Great content, poor view"
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The Bizarre World of Frank Zappa, London Palladium, London - 14th May 2019

Fantastic music, played by incredible musicians, with vivid visuals that really matched the content. Unfortunately for a show that was as much about what you see as what you hear some of the views at the Palladium were very poor. My ticket was for an end of row in the stalls. I'd bought it thinking it would be good to be fairly close to the stage. From my seat though I couldn't see some of the musicians, nor any of the hologram display that was inside an arch in the centre of the stage.

Posted by S B on 16/05/2019

"Quite Bizarre"
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The Bizarre World of Frank Zappa, London Palladium, London - 14th May 2019

Great to see such a great band of Zappa players and Frank-music good, performance good but strange. For a gig lasting 2 hours thought the Hologram may have been used a bit more and was left with not knowing if the various cartoons were old or new. I always go to see the survivors of that great Zappa era and if honest would prefer just to see the band(s).Bit mixed up ,when Frank was playing, how the band were moving along with him also the vocals taped or live. I was fortunate to have been around for real Frank and the great musicians so am sure my review will probably not be agreed with .Give me a night with Ike Willis sharing vocals with Ray White and Bobby Martin-for other Zappa fans Dweezil is touring in the Autumn so do not miss that.

Posted by NO Name please on 15/05/2019

"Great gig"
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The Bizarre World of Frank Zappa, London Palladium, London - 14th May 2019

Great, if slightly odd, venue, great performance, sound and visuals.

Posted by Stuart C on 15/05/2019

"Bizarre world of Frank Zappa"
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The Bizarre World of Frank Zappa, London Palladium, London - 14th May 2019

The event, critisised by many, was actually rather good and better than I expected. The visuals were incredible with the hologram not overly used, but, when used, used tastefully. The Band were superb with a good choice of music to enhance the experience. Highly recommended.

Posted anonymously on 15/05/2019

"Holograms and mischief"
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The Bizarre World of Frank Zappa, London Palladium, London - 14th May 2019

Great to see some of the original band members. The ‘hologram’ was a bit underwhelming. Too far back on the stage and so looked weirdly small. But great playing. Could have done without Ahmet’s Intervention and birthday cake shenanigans. But still, fun!

Posted by Nick on 15/05/2019

Live music’s premier hologram production company Eyellusion, have announced that a who’s who of Zappa fan favourite musicians will support “The Bizarre World Of Frank Zappa” hologram tour set to hit the UK in May 2019.

The Frank Zappa hologram tour has recruited its band of former Mothers for the “Bizarre World of Frank Zappa” for this monumental series of shows.

The touring unit itself boasts guitarists Ray White and Mike Keneally, bassist Scott Thunes, multi-instrumentalist Robert Martin, Ed Mann and drummer and Zappa archivist Joe “Vaultmeister” Travers.

Hours of never-before-seen Zappa performance footage from the early seventies will form the basis of the “can’t miss” concert spectacle. The tour is produced in close cooperation with the Zappa Family Trust.

“As a futurist, and hologram enthusiast, Frank fearlessly broke through boundary after boundary as an artist and in honouring his indomitable spirit we’re about to do it again, 25 years after his passing,” said Ahmet Zappa, EVP of business development for Eyellusion and co-trustee of the Zappa Family Trust.

“This mind-melting show we’re putting together celebrates the music, often surreal imagery and humour synonymous with Frank. We will be pushing the limits of what anyone has seen holographically on stage before in a live venue. Circumstances, objects, places and subject matter from Frank’s songs and imagination will be brought to life for the first time on stage.

We are anthropomorphizing Frank’s music, so his own hand drawn illustrations, classic imagery from his album artwork and characters from his songs can all interact and perform on stage.

“My father and I actively discussed 3D and ‘holography’ and it was a concept he actively engaged in. He actually devoted half a chapter of his The Real Frank Zappa Book to this subject. This is a love letter and a journey celebrating the genius artistry of Frank Zappa. On a personal note, I feel like I am finishing something my father started years ago,” Ahmet Zappa added. “And let’s not forget, Frank himself will be rocking his fans, alongside his bandmates like nobody’s business.”

In 1974, Frank Zappa transformed his Los Angeles rehearsal space into a sound stage and cranked out a passionate, trademark performance seen only by the camera operators in the room who captured every last bizarrely beautiful moment. This footage, locked away in the Zappa vaults for 44 years, will serve as the basis for what will be the world’s most ambitious hologram tour to date, blending live footage of Frank with outrageous visuals that offer a striking view into his complex musical works.

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