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Thursday 23rd February 2023
Online Conference, Online
Doors at 9:00am

TBD Conference tickets

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NEED MORE THAN TEN TICKETS? We call these 'Watch Parties', and there are unique experiences and packages available depending on the number of people you have. Email us here



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We want to make TBD as accessible as possible for everyone. As such, we have set aside a limited number of spaces that can be offered free of charge on a case-by-case basis. Whilst TBD is a paid-for event with high costs, we know not everyone is in a position right now to pay full price for a ticket, whether you're a student, freelancer, or currently out of work. If you fall into any of these categories, please drop us a line, and we'll see what we can do.  

Additional information

Knowing the difference between what matters and what really matters is business-critical for the next 24 months.


TBD 'Materia' (Feb 23, 23) will help you focus on everything you need to make better decisions now and in the future.


TBD's fifth outing will ensure you see the complete picture of global economic forces to the inner workings of post-pandemic consumer minds, 'Materia' will help you plan, protect and pivot if necessary. Expect tough questions, bold answers and new voices. The location is in central london and will be announced soon. 


TBD is the unique conference that changes and challenges you.

Join hundreds of your peers in-person along with over 20 technologists, economists and policy experts for business-critical advice on how to navigate what's coming at you. From antimatter to Black Lives Matter, new materials to old friends, 'Materia' will explore everything that's happening to confirm what will happen so you can plan for the (and your) future. Expect to hear from experts in core areas and new areas you aren't thinking about yet. TBD is where you get comfortable with being uncomfortable. 


The fun bit. You always know who is speaking, but you don't know what about until the day of the conference. TBD is a hand-curated ride you give in to that 'changes you'. Come for the ride. Not only do we create a unique environment for you to encode the information, but we also provide you with experiences to lock in what you've learned and get exposed to. 


Here's who is up to bat this year; SPOTIFY (Ric Motti), Snap Inc. (Will Scougal), SHOPIFY (Deann Evans), PWC (Rob McCargow), A PLASTIC PLANET (Sian Sutherland), 'FORTITUDE', 'EAT, SLEEP, WORK, REPEAT' (Bruce Daisley), BOOTS (Marni Allen), TWILIO (Sam Richardson), NURASA (Elaine J Cheung), OXFORD UNIVERSITY (Prof. Charles Spence), DESIGNER (Matthew Cockerill), OLIO (Tess Kermode), 'ALONEMENT' (Francesca Specter), MOO.COM (Ruth Wassermann), FOOTLOCKER (Neil Carter), 'NOWHERE OFFICE' (Julia Hobsbawm OBE), SOCIOLOGIST/LECTURER (Ashley Frawley), INVESTIGATIVE JOURNALIST/PULITZER PRIZE-WINNER (James Ball), 'WHAT WOMEN WANT' (Ella Freelan), BEHAVIOURAL SCIENTIST (Laura de Molière), IMPERIAL COLLEGE LONDON (Dr. David Erritzoe), REEDWORDS (Mike Reed), INVESTIGATIVE REPORTER/DOCUMENTARIAN (Tessa Clarke), 'PLATONIC'/PSYCHOLOGIST (Marisa Franco), MONDELEZ (Hamish Stacy), DECISION ADVANTAGE/EX-ROYAL MARINE (Gareth Tennant) and many more including TBD's resident slam poet, Miss Yankey. 


At TBD 'Materia' you're going to learn about post-pandemic strategy, new leadership, biochemical consumer changes, new economies, design trends, emerging disruptive materials, endurance, creativity, and a lot more besides. You owe it to yourself, whether you're just starting your career or in your last job to get inspired at TBD. 


Now more than ever, you need a network. TBD gives you that and a whole lot more. You find out what's new and next before the competition. TBD asks the hard/big questions and, thanks to top journalists, we get helpful, honest answers. TBD 'Materia' is your chance to discover what's really changed, what's sliding back, and what you need to do about it. 




Smart cookies who want real answers. C-suite to entrepreneurs who get it take their seats at TBD to hear world-class speakers you haven't heard from before for a unique event that, according to one CEO that attended, 'stays with you'. TBD will help you see what's going on, what's working, what's not, what's really worth focusing on, and where the opportunities are. In addition to the bigger companies, plenty of smaller companies come to find out how to influence big guys and be seen by them. Million-pound deals have happened because of connections made at TBD.

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