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Unfortunately, we don't have any events on sale for Soley at the moment.

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About Soley

Referring to the silence that returns when last year’s “Krómantík” EP fades out, Sóley said, “… your closed eyes slowly start seeing something much deeper and darker,” and now that something is here, it’s right in front of us: “Ask The Deep” is a stunningly dark and deeply personal departure after the minimalist and bleak piano compositions of said EP: Relying on guts, ghost ships, and a sonic map that doesn’t show the same piano coordinates as before, her soft-sounding voice leads us deeper and deeper into the shadowy fairytale worlds only hinted at on previous releases such as her “Theater Island” EP and 2011’s much-praised “We Sink” debut album. Changing tactics to fight her inner demon with every track, “Ask The Deep” sees the bespectacled songwriter open Pandora’s box �“ and close it eventually. At least for now.

“Have I danced with the devil?”, Sóley Stefánsdóttir asks on album opener “Devil”, then crescendoing: “Does he still love me?” And that inner demon, responsible for all the sunless spots, the moist corners where silky mosses grow, he’s frequently beguiling her throughout “Ask The Deep”, even spinning and dancing, since he’s hardly alone: Once the melodic surges of “Devil” lead to other fairytale soundscapes �“ the piano no longer being “the main character” of Sóley’s music �“, more and more ghosts, both real and imaginary, enter the scene. Inspired by an actual news story about a man who was buried alive in Brazil, “Ævintýr” marches in circles with tribal beats underneath ethereal swirls, and “One Eyed Lady” is perhaps Sóley’s most minimalist lullaby yet: It’s the beatless account of a one-eyed witch that would actually “kill for love”, as the song’s mantra reverberates into the void. Back in fairyland, a group of girls appears as nightmares in “Halloween”, sailing on a ghost ship, ambushing the boys, the dreamers of this disembodied, infernal dream built on layers of beats: “Tell me how can I wake up again.”

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