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#NewMusicFriday 02.08

Posted on Friday 2nd August 2019 at 16:00 by Gigantic Tickets

Hi Gigantic Gang,

Come and discover the latest tunes with our #NewMusicFriday blog and playlist! Not only do we have all the hot tracks and newly dropped albums but also tickets to hear them played live. Passionate about music? Then stick with Gigantic!







LAURAN HIBBERD – ‘Frankie’s Girlfriend

In a world where six strings seem to be guilty secret, hidden under huge slabs of synth or so overly produced they become totally artificial sounding; it seems that we have a new guitar hero in the form of Lauran Hibberd.

The rising star form the Isle Of Wight has already attracted the attention of such big names as John Kennedy and Steve Lamacq who have been championing them on their radio programmes and no doubt her new single ‘Frankie’s Girlfriend’ will get plenty of airplay.

A huge burst of fuzzed up guitars reminiscent of when grunge went mainstream in the 90’s, ‘Frankie’s Girlfriend’ is as satisfying as stomping on two distortion pedals and totally letting rip.

Lauran Hibberd tickets are currently available.



NEW MODEL ARMY – ‘Never Arriving

New Model Army have always been known for their savage sound and unflinching gaze at the dark side of life ever since they exploded in the 80’s, setting them up as one of the most enduring cult bands of all time. Now the Bradford band are back with their new single ‘Never Arriving’.

Also the name of their forthcoming album which is released later this month via Ear Music and following on from previous psalm of annihilation ‘End Of Days’, ‘Never Arriving’ is a five minute epic telling an atmospheric story of isolation and despair.

Given the renewed interest in politically charged post punk, it seems New Model Army are perfectly placed to once again rally the party faithful frothing at the mouth plus attract a whole new generation of listeners, pissed off with ignorance, injustice and inequality.

New Model Army tickets are currently available.



HUSKY LOOPS – ‘I Think You’re Wonderful

Fusing post punk with hip hop, Husky Loops are a truly compelling listen known for never failing to thrill their audiences at every gig. And now, the boys from Bologna have just dropped their latest life affirming single  ‘I Think You’re Wonderful’.

The new single was produced by the bands singer Pier Danio Forni, and he explains it is a song “about universal love, about forgiveness, about empathy, about resilience. I want people to listen to this one and feel encouraged to tell someone they care about that they’re wonderful… The current political landscape worldwide is scary and our governments are promoting fear. I want our fans to listen to this song and feel empowered, happy, and full of spirit.

Check out when Husky Loops joined us at The Moonshine Sessions to play a cover of Frank Ocean’s ‘Nikes’, their own track ‘Everytime I Run’ – and even an interview!



I Think You’re Wonderful’ will appear on the power trios upcoming debut album ‘I Can’t Even Speak English’ which they promote with a tour in October.

Husky Loops tickets are currently available.






LAVILLE – ‘The Wanderer

Silky smooth North London singer LAVILLE has been praised for his innovation in soul and R&B. Having burst from the confines of the capital city to find fans around the UK, he now brings you his very first full-length record ‘The Wanderer

The Wanderer’ is released on Acid Jazz Records and includes the evocative single ‘The Truth’ plus ‘The Answer’ which tackles the issue of toxic relationships and the negative effects of their addictive qualities.

You can see Laville promote ‘The Wanderer’ with an unmissable London gig at Omeara on Friday 2nd of August – tickets on sale with Gigantic right now.

Laville tickets are currently available.


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