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Gigantic Up Front: Geese, Nottingham (Review)

Posted on Friday 15th September 2023 at 16:00

Bethan Boast

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Bethan Boast


Brooklyn quintet Geese brought the UK leg of their 3D Country world tour to a thrilling close last night at Nottingham's beloved Bodega  

The evening kicked off with a sold-out crowd eagerly awaiting the performances, featuring Nottingham's own dandelion folk ensemble, Dura Mater, and the rising stars from South London, Folly Group. Both acts succeeded in pumping up the audience, setting the stage for the headlining act.


With pints freshly topped up and every available space filled, the crowd stood shoulder to shoulder in anticipation of the boys taking the stage. Over 200 people fell into a hushed silence as Cameron Winter opened the show with "Domoto," the ninth track from their latest album. Winter's tender lyrics and rich vocals swelled and cascaded throughout the room, setting the tone for the evening.


The explosive energy surged with "2122," which transitioned seamlessly into the gritty stylings of the psych-punk outfit Preoccupations. The crowd roared along with the satanic chant of "God of the sun, I'm taking you down on the inside!" as Geese had everyone swept up in their raucous party.


Splashes of musical influence abound, with hints of Nick Cave, Radiohead, Talking Heads, Television, Jeff Buckley, and CAN, to name a few. However, what sets Geese apart is their remarkable ability to craft a wholly unique and fresh sound. They produce tracks that you won't want to skip and deliver live performances that you never want to end.


The night was filled with electrifying moments, from mosh pits and air grabs to crowd surfing and flailing arms – this gig had all the ingredients for a truly unforgettable night. Geese delivered top-notch sing-along tracks like 'I See Myself' and 'Cowboy Nudes,' infusing the performance with unlimited energy, a touch of western tomfoolery, and absolute melodic perfection.



The band graciously succumbed to the pleading chants of 'one more song!' and treated the audience to a two-song encore: 'Gravity Blues' followed by 'Low Era.' The latter reached its crescendo with a thrashing jam session, each band member forging their own musical path while seamlessly bobbing and weaving with their fellow musicians. Then, an abrupt silence was met with a hysteric roar of applause, signalling the end of an unforgettable performance. It would be a missed opportunity not to feel privileged to have witnessed Geese in such an intimate 220-capacity venue. Undoubtedly, in years to come, you'll find yourself boasting about the night you saw Geese take the stage at Bodega, even as they continue to conquer larger venues.



I managed to grab a few sweaty crowd members fresh from the gig and this is what they had to say about the show: 


"Raucous, sweaty and alive."- Sam Potts


"The queen’s forgotten birds reigned hellfire upon the scum of Nottingham, uplifting them from the trenches of indignity, and poor taste and allowing them to open their eyes truly for 60 straight minutes." - Will Crumpton


"Just the most insane vocal range ever heard live, from the depths to the highest of heights. Crazy impressive. Extreme wholesome. Extreme fun."- Maddy Chamberlain 


"I’ve been told we could be brothers by Cameron, but only if I had descended from another planet composed of the most incredible musical fusion. THE HOTTEST band on the planet right now. Geese will be the soundtrack to the happiest time of your life when you feel like you are in the darkest. Let ‘em go. Chicka chicka cha chicka cha." - Jimi Mack


Geese played






Mysterious Love


I See Myself






Rain Dance


Tomorrow's Crusades


Cowboy Nudes


3D Country


St. Elmo



Gravity Blues


Low Era


Band members: Cameron Winter (vocals, keyboard), Max Bassin (drums), Dominic DiGesu (bass), Gus Green (guitar) and Foster Hudson (guitar).


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