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AOTW -- Suuns

Posted on Monday 28th February 2022 at 16:00 by Gigantic Tickets

Canadian band Suuns take a sophisticated approach to electronica, playing with ambient yet dark sounds and nuanced beats fill with ominous potency.

Last year saw the release of The Witness – their most ambitious album yet! Now, they announce just a handful of U.K. shows including two nights at Oslo, London, and you can grab tickets HERE with Gigantic.



Sunns began in 2007 when friends Joseph Yarmush and Ben Shemie realised there was only so much they can do creating beats by themselves. Reaching out to Liam O'Neill and Max Henry, they first adopted the name Zeroes before switching to the now familiar moniker of the Montreal band before releasing split 7” a year later.

Touring extensively, they grew a devoted international audience drawn to their atmospheric take on electronica as heard on albums Zeroes QC, Images Du Futur  which received a Polaris Music Prize nomination upon release in 2013 and Hold/Still.



Their latest LP The Witness was a real product of its time. Self-recorded and self-produced at a time when the entire world was in isolation, the band (now aged thirteen years) created a strange and sombre record which reflected the anxieties being experienced around the world. The eight experimental tracks feel like an intimate experience with fear and alienation; perhaps a result of the loss of band member Max Henry who left in 2019, after touring ended for previous LP Felt.

Last year, the release of The Witness presented a band both fearful yet ambitious, making the eight songs some of Suuns most compelling work yet, as they pushed themselves further and harder than ever before.

Every time we’ve made a record, there’s always been this sense where we start out with this idea, and we start pushing it. Then, as the process goes on, and as we start to produce it, especially once you’re in the studio, it starts to change, which is always a good thing.” – Ben Shemie



📆 May 2022

24/05    Suuns – Brudenell Social Club, Leeds

30/05    Suuns – Oslo, London

31/05    Suuns – Oslo, London

Suuns tickets are available with Gigantic.

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