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Artist bio

An LA-native with a lifelong immersion in rock ‘n’ roll, Jesse Jo Stark’s story seeps through her music - a heady, stylized mix of earthy Americana and Hollywood allure. The music is timeless with unmissable nods to 70s rock, classic country, and ethereal pop, while heavy strokes of sex and kitsch add a playfulness to the workmanship of her songwriting. Sitting at a mesmerizing cross-section of Mazzy Star, Fleetwood Mac, and Lee Hazlewood, to listen to Jesse Jo Stark, is to step into an artfully crafted other world - cinematic and consuming. Glossy and gritty. In 2014, she worked with former Sex Pistols guitarist, Steve Jones, to record her debut EP, Down Your Drain. Stark reappeared in 2017 with a new single, the moody, Mazzy Star-esque "Driftwood." She then released her second EP, Dandelion, and went on to tour both the US and internationally supporting acts such as Guns & Roses, The Vaccines, Sunflower Bean, The Heavy, and more. Most recently, she released “Tangerine,” a neo-torch song, spiked with the country-flecked romance of 70s AM radio, which serves as another peek into Stark’s universe.

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