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"Fantastic show from the master!"
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HENRY ROLLINS TRAVEL SLIDESHOW, Sheffield Students Union Auditorium, SHEFFIELD - 12th February 2018

I've been lucky enough to see Henry Rollins several times in the past and this latest show was up there with the best. Really enjoyed his stories as ever and the travel slideshow added a great new dimension to the show, thanks Henry!

Posted by RichT on 13/02/2018

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HENRY ROLLINS TRAVEL SLIDESHOW, Sheffield Students Union Auditorium, SHEFFIELD - 12th February 2018

Never heard of this guy before. Just went on the whim of my friend's advice. I googled him before hand and was terribly confused as to what I was actually going to see.

Turns out Henry Rollins is now a philanthropist with a heart of gold who is inspiring people with humour and education on some worldly topics in the form of photos from around the world.

He's just great to watch, incredibly engaging, unique style and child friendly (which surprised me!)

He's made me think about how little I'm living and helping others in this incredibly short life we have.

Great venue (Sheffield Students Union Auditorium) - Could hear very clearly and was warm and comfortable.

Highly recommended :)

Posted by Paul W on 13/02/2018

"It's Henry - it's always going to be great"
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Henry Rollins Travel Slideshow, Academy 2, Manchester - 11th February 2018

The highlight of our year is Henry Rollins rolling into town with his spoken word tour.

This was a very different event to the previous years, a sort of the "world through Henry's eyes". There was a part of me that wanted more, but Henry always leaves me wanting more. I think a few more of Henry in his youth would have been fun for all us to see.

Seriously Henry, your show was sold out and you could have easily sold another - please don't forget us Mancunians when planning your tours.

Posted by Baishamao on 13/02/2018

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Henry Rollins Travel Slideshow, Academy 2, Manchester - 11th February 2018

Henry Rollins gave a spellbinding tour of places most of us will never visit, bringing to life such places as Syria, Antarctica and Africa, and managed to hold such diverse themes together with his fascinating anecdotes & humour. (Who knew that penguins were like that?)

He didn't flinch from how hard life can be but was always positive about how it can be made better, and inspired people to take up travels of their own.

Recommended to anyone who enjoys Henry Rollins, travel writing or anyone who shares the curiosity about the world that Henry displayed.

The venue was good and I would certainly return.

Posted by Andrew Mack on 12/02/2018

"Rollins never disappoints"
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Henry Rollins Travel Slideshow, Academy 2, Manchester - 11th February 2018

I've been to several of Rollins' spoken word events over the years in which he talks about his wanderlust and the experiences he's had travelling, so this event caught my eye. Unfortunately the only venue I could get tickets for was a 700 mile road trip for me....on a Sunday...in the snow.

So glad I went, totally worth it - his photos brought his stories even more alive than usual.

Posted by Jimmy B on 12/02/2018

Pioneer of hardcore punk, Henry Rollins is a one-man cultural jackhammer taking on the world and shaping it for the better. His work has seen him take on the role of political activist, actor, writer, radio host and be the voice of seminal Black Flag plus his very own Rollins Band.

See the formidable frontman give an intimate insight to his private world by going through his vast achieve of photographs presenting his travel experiences across his incredible career. You can catch this unique show when he hosts it at The Nick Rayns LCR at Norwich, Manchester Academy 2 and Foundry at Sheffield during February 2018.

For many years, I have documented my travels all over the world with a camera. …Not always easy but always worth it. Many of the photos have a story, as you can imagine. Now and then, I gather several images, show them to an audience and tell those stories. It always ends up being a great evening.” - Henry Rollins

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Following his time in the band State Of Emergency, Rollins became the vocalist for DC hardcore punk band Black Flag in 1981 till they split in 1986. He has subsequently produced spoken word material plus formed the Rollins Band which continued to record new material and play live.

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