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Rae Morris has announced her incredible new album ‘Someone Out There’, is due for release on 2nd February 2018 via Atlantic Records. Last month she unveiled her new single ‘Do It’, a highly personal tale of letting go and jumping into the unknown, a bold pop rallying cry.

Artist bio

Rae Morris would have you believe that she just fell upon a career in music, but truth be told she’s absolutely made her own luck. Rae has moulded her identity in her own time on her own terms, and honed her skills on the live circuit, where she’s never once experienced a bad reception. Rae’s killer combination of coy, girl-next-door charm, heart-warming backstory and songwriting flair “ not to mention her utterly disarming chamber pop vocal “ would have the entire nation eating out the palm of her hands. Like her idols Kate Bush and PJ Harvey, Rae cannot be pigeonholed.

Twenty-one year old Rachel Anne Morris was born in Blackpool and chose to stay there over moving to London after signing to Atlantic. Her family have never moved. Remaining in the same house where she grew up with her parents and older brother has not just kept her grounded, it’s hugely contributed to the development of her voice and style. Her earliest memories of music include having her mind blown by her brother playing her Coldplay’s ‘Parachutes’ through his Minidisc player, or watching Kate Bush’s video to ‘Cloudbusting’ with her dad.

Thanks to her humble charm, she’s attracted a wealth of like-minded, young British singer-songwriters with a similar commitment to their own independent flair, and considers herself part of a loosely-termed ‘collective’. This explains why you’ll likely clock eyes on singer-guitarist Lucy Rose, Brit Award winner Tom Odell (who invited her on tour with him, and sings on her album track ‘Grow’), producer and electronic marvel Ben Garrett (aka Fryars, co-producer on ‘Cold’), or Bombay Bicycle frontman and sometime touring partner Jack Steadman backstage in the dressing room after one of her headline shows. Her reputation as a ‘musician’s musician’ makes sense of the numerous guest appearances on her forthcoming debut 'Unguarded'. Yet, Rae is anything but a collaborator-for-hire - she’s stuck to her own creative vision, so she can carve a path for herself that’s distinct from all the other noise surrounding the current musical spectrum. Put it plainly, there is nobody else in the UK right now who sounds quite like Rae.

Rae Morris will play Southampton and Brighton in October as part of a wider UK tour.

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Rae Morris fan reviews (8) 4.9

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Rae Morris gig-Rescue Rooms, Nottingham

Another great gig with good quality sound and excellent view of the stage. Security staff were very helpful; offering ready assistance if required.

Posted anonymously on 30/09/2018

Rae Morris, Rescue Rooms, Nottingham - 29th September 2018

Verified purchase

Brilliant gig - great voice, loads of great songs - and very happy that the stage is so high so you can see easily.

Posted by JP on 31/03/2018

Rae Morris, Heaven, London - 28th March 2018

Verified purchase
everyone out there loves rae

Rae Morris is a fantastic singer and songwriter, and performing live she just exudes so much joy and positivity and happiness it is impossible not to have a fabulous time!

Posted by Judge on 29/03/2018

Rae Morris, Heaven, London - 28th March 2018

Verified purchase
Amazing Night

Amazing night, with an amazing artist with a beautiful voice and a nice venue easy to get too and central.

Posted by K on 29/03/2018

Rae Morris, Heaven, London - 28th March 2018

Verified purchase
Best Live Singer I've Seen in a Long Time

Incredible voice. Was like hearing the studio recordings. Visuals were great too!

Posted by Chris Wright on 29/03/2018

Rae Morris, Heaven, London - 28th March 2018

Verified purchase
Mind Blown

This was the last date of the tour. How much energy did Rae have at the beginning?! :-) There were some old songs but it was mainly stuff from the latest album, sung pitch-perfect with incredible power, all while bouncing round the stage like she was dancing on hot coals. Loved every minute of it. Been there, bought two t-shirts.

Posted by Phil on 29/03/2018

Rae Morris, Heaven, London - 28th March 2018

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