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"Amazing performance"
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Myles Kennedy, Thekla, Bristol - 24th March 2018

Great show by my all time favourite rock vocalist in one of my favourite venues. Very intimate show- definitely the best gig so far this year.

Posted by JulesO on 26/03/2018

"Mr Amazing is a hit AGAIN !!"
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Myles Kennedy, Gorilla, Manchester - 21st March 2018

The Gorilla venue was a little small but great for an intimate gig like this. The drinks at the venue were reasonably priced, even for an old skinflint like me. Mr Myles Kennedy, as always, hit the notes, was amusing in between songs and responsive to the mad Manc crowd, who all LOVED him. Singing an array of songs from the last 20 years of his career in a simpler form, acoustic and stripped down to the bone, also the odd song Tim (now called TIMEH !, {south park ref lol})accompanied Myles and they made a great duet. Loved the gig totally and in future if Myles brings out more solo work or carries on with Alter Bridge, I will be there like a shot for more of the same from this amazingly talented bloke.Rock on Myles and see you next time you are in Manchester mate, in simpler Mancunian vocabulary, "The gig was mint our kid "

Posted by Lisa1965 on 22/03/2018

"Great gig, not the best venue."
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Myles Kennedy, Rescue Rooms, Nottingham - 18th March 2018

Outstanding performance from a true star and amazing musician, which is more can be said for the Rescue Rooms, which I think was oversold it`s capacity yet again. Making it very difficult to see the performance properly, when your paying £30 a ticket you should at least be able to get a decent view.

Posted by Brian on 19/03/2018

Songwriter Myles Kennedy has just announced a string of UK shows including O2 Insitute2 Birmingham, Rescue Rooms at Nottingham, Manchester’s Gorilla, Bristol Thekla and Islington Assembly Hall in London during March 2018.

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Even as a singer, Kennedy"three-time winner of Loudwire’s Vocalist of the Year award"was determined to explore a new range and approach. “I was trying to keep things in a lower register,” he says, “not relying on the vocal histrionics that I fall back on in a rock context. On this sonic canvas, I didn’t want to distract the listener from the depth of the song, what was paramount was how the lyric was conveyed emotionally.”

The album found its initial direction from the title track, which was an idea from Kennedy’s first pass writing a solo album. “I remember stumbling onto the melody and title of the song years ago. It stuck with me but I couldn’t seem to complete the concept until it dawned on me that 1974 was the Year Of The Tiger according to the Chinese Zodiac.” he says. “Once I realized that was the same year we lost my father, I knew where I needed to take the record lyrically. The song is really the preface for the entire story from my mother’s perspective. It’s a battle cry of resolution, to persevere under the circumstances we were enduring after dad passed away.”

Kennedy pays tribute to his mother throughout the album. The song “Mother” tries to imagine her experience of the tragedy, fighting to keep things together for Kennedy and his brother. “Turning Stones” represents the singer “trying to get in my mom’s head throughout the difficult journey” while “Ghost of Shangri-La” opens with an image taken directly from his family’s lives in the aftermath of his father’s death.

“The song starts with the line ‘There are thieves outside of our window,’ which was inspired by something that happened to us,” Kennedy explains. “A few weeks after dad passed away, our house was broken into. Ultimately, it served as the catalyst for my mom to uproot us from Boston and move out west and start over again.”

“The Great Beyond” is perhaps the most ambitious song, the grandest in scope, on the album. “That one is probably the least congruent sonically, but it’s so epic in nature that it felt appropriate because of it’s subject matter,” he says. “It describes my father’s passing with surreal imagery from a lyrical standpoint. It was perhaps the most challenging lyric to write, and perform, but it is a very necessary part of the story.”

With Year of the Tiger, Myles Kennedy opens himself up in ways that would be painfully, shockingly personal and intimate for anyone, much less for a revered rock and roll frontman. “Songs like ‘Blind Faith’ or ‘Nothing But a Name’ are almost like open letters to my father, expressing an ache that’s never subsided,” he says. “This record is my attempt to convey things that I’ve needed to express for a long time. What I found hiding in the deep, dark corners of my psyche was difficult to face, but in the end, what came out of the creative process was very cathartic.”

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