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Carl Barât is the rock and roll figurehead for a generation and continues to pen the songs that thrill the world.

Together with drummer Gary Powell, fellow guitarist and singer Peter Doherty and bassist John Hassall, he would form indie icons The Libertines; the band that would characterise British music for a decade and beyond.

Recently Announced! The riotous rocker is joined this spring by his band The Jackals for exciting upcoming headline dates. Make sure you see them play at Newcastle Think Tank on Thursday 25th of May and Rescue Rooms in Nottingham on Friday 2nd of June, 2017.

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Barât burst onto the scene with the release of The Libertines debut album Up The Bracket in 2002. Quickly established as a modern classic, the record encapsulated the wild nature of a band that embraced all aspects of the rock and roll lifestyle. But the candle that burns twice as bright burns for half as long, and as the pressure rose from the celebrity glare and internal strife the band were already under great strain by the release of second album The Libertines. Following time served in prison, Doherty would be expelled from the band who would attempt to carry on only to split in 2004.

Following the collapse of The Libertines, Barât rallied drummer Powell and united with guitarist Anthony Rossomando and Didz Hammond on bass to form Dirty Pretty Things in 2005. A band which would channel the energy of the Libs into something more sustainable and hopefully avoid some of the self-destructive chaos. Dirty Pretty Things released the albums Waterloo To Anywhere and Romance At Short Notice.

After years of animosity, the cries of devoted The Libertines fans were answered in 2010 when Doherty and Barât were able to reconcile their differences and reunite to sail the good ship Albion once more. They subsequently released the album There Are No Innocent Bystanders.

A monumental year for the musician, 2010 also saw him release an eponymously titled solo album.

In 2014 Barât announced on Facebook he was looking to create a new band. Receiving over a thousand applications, he picked the very best and selected to Billy Tessio, Jay Bone and Adam Claxton to form The Jackals. They released debut album Let It Reign the following year which thrilled the critics.

It's uplifting stuff.” - Q Magazine

It’s an affair that is much more snarling and punkish than solemn and introspective and one that appears to have been a good representation of what he had in mind.” - PopMatters

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