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Hands down the world’s greatest post-millennial punk-rock group, The Chats have skipped past the unimaginable banana skin of COVID-19 to emerge tougher, faster, funnier, more riotous "even better for 2022! The trio, originally formed in Australia’s self-explanatory resort Sunshine Coast, are once-in-a-generationbandwhoreconnect popular music with its roots in ultra-raw rock ‘n’ roll, inject their own fresh perspective, and have duly made an instantaneous connection with their youthful peers right across the globe. Most people know them for their 2017 breakthrough banger, ‘Smoko’, but that has proved to be just the party-starter, merely theentrée to a high-volume, full-throttle world where intoxication, excitement and laughter rule supreme "the kind of kinetic thrills which have all but drained out of contemporary pop/rock. As the 2020’s dawned, The Chats were building enviable momentum right across Europe, North America and their homeland, ready for the arrival of their full-length debut, ‘High-Risk Behaviour’. Replete with further rowdy classics including ‘Pub Feed’ and ‘Identity Theft’, the album dropped just as the pandemic struck, and The Chats have duly been through the same frustrating two years of broken dreams and shredded itineraries as every other combo.Undeterred andnow stocked to overflowing with frustration and fury, they strike back with a second long-player called ‘GET FUCKED’ "an incendiary, hyper-adrenalized blitz from punk heaven, showcasing a rockin’ new guitarist, and an electrifying all-killer-no-filler 13tracks which perfectly capture the band’s explosive energy. It is, quite simply, another laugh-out-loud, pogo-through-the-floorboardsstroke of motherfucking genius.

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The Chats fan reviews (4) 5.0

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The Chats rocked Camden. More than lived up to my expectations

Posted by Neill on 25/10/2018

The Chats, Electric Ballroom, London - 23rd October 2018

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Chats were legendary, played an amazing set, crowd was wild. Hotel Lux were a great support

Posted by Dan on 24/10/2018

The Chats, Electric Ballroom, London - 23rd October 2018

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Smashed It.

The boys in "The Chats" absolutely smashed their performance. Not to mention "The Dunts" also playing a blinder. Great venue. Good vibes. Peace.

Posted by Kieran Bhate on 23/10/2018

The Chats, SWG3 (Studio Warehouse Glasgow), Glasgow - 20th October 2018

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Top gig!!

SWG3, good venue. Hats off to the security team, firm but fair, with a smile on their faces as they gathered the crowd-surfers and beer and bins!! Spoiled only slightly by the bar prices, but hey ho, that's rip-off Britain. Go see The Chats!!!

Posted by Fast'n'Bulbous on 22/10/2018

The Chats, SWG3 (Studio Warehouse Glasgow), Glasgow - 20th October 2018

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