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We have been busy reworking our dashboard to make it easy to do everything on any device.


Within the homepage you can see a full breakdown of your entire account and in the reports section you can really drill down into the numbers. We have also integrated our self serve system into the dashboard so you can create events in minutes from the dashboard.

The entire dashboard is responsive so you can create events and get all the info you need on the go.

We really hope you enjoy it!


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Real time Progress

You will have instant up to date access to all your ticket sales.

Get selling your event straight away

Our self service system allows you create an event and start selling tickets in minutes.

Edit your event anytime, anywhere

With our responsive dashboard you can update and view your event 24/7.


Gigantic's system integrates a full support network seamlessly so you can get all the information you need.


Using our marketing knowledge and ever growing database we will push your events out far and wide.

Entry Management

Manage your event entry with various access control solutions from within the dashboard.

Don't have an dashboard account? Click below to contact us for event set up integration