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Friday 15th September 2023
New Century, Manchester New Century
Mayes St
M60 4ES

Doors at 7:00pm

65daysofstatic tickets

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Sheffield’s electronic post-rock pioneers 65daysofstatic will celebrate a decade of their much-loved fifth album “Wild Light” by performing it in full on their upcoming UK and European tour, their first full run of shows since 2018. 

Known for genre-defying experimentation and constant reinvention ever since their emergence in 2004, 65daysofstatic distilled every discovery made and lesson learned from their previous albums to create 2013’s “Wild Light”. Warped synth melodies and glitchy electronics chase ethereal pianos and guitars through ever-evolving, intensely layered soundscapes, by turns euphoric and disquieting. The result is an imposing collection of wordless widescreen hymns for the collapse, a glorious accompaniment to late-stage capitalism eating itself.

The album debuted to the best reviews of 65daysofstatic’s career to date, and it remains a firm favourite with the band themselves, as per guitarist and multi-instrumentalist Paul Wolinski:

It is TEN YEARS since we released Wild Light. The hardest record we ever wrote, except for maybe all the other ones. Of all the things we have made, this album is the one we probably have the least complicated feelings about. We love it, from beginning to end. And it is a joy to play all these songs live.

A decade on, the Cassandra-like voice introducing album opener “Heat Death Infinity Splitter” sounds even more prescient: “No one knows what is happening. There is a lot of danger out there. Okay?” In an age of ongoing pandemics, multiple cost of living crises and increasing political destabalisation across the globe, it’s understandable that even a relentlessly forward-thinking band like 65daysofstatic may decide that the simplest course of action now is also the most fitting; spread joy, make noise. As Paul explains:

We're not usually big on tradition and have a healthy distrust of nostalgia. But we don't really trust the idea of progress anymore either. So for once we're not gonna overthink it. A ten year anniversary is a great excuse to finally get big 65 noise back into big rooms, surrounded by friendly people. And the songs on Wild Light are the biggest noises we can make. We'll play some other stuff too of course, but Wild Light will be performed from start to finish. We're already scraping the dust off our guitar amps and broken samplers. See you in September!

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New Century
Mayes St
M60 4ES

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