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Headliners: Outkast, CHIC featuring Nile Rodgers, Foals, Beck...Show Less

Thursday Headliner - Beck
Friday Headliner - Outkast
Saturday Headliner - Foals
Sunday Headliner - Chic Feat Nile Rodgers

Get down to this years... Read more theme - DESERT ISLAND DISCO
Bestival 2014 takes place between Thursday 4th and Sunday 7th September 2014 at Robin Hill Country Park near Newport on the lovely Isle of Wight.

If you thought last year was HMS Epic then the return of Bestival promises to blow you out of the water!
Yes indeed, you may recall when last we met; we were all aboard the good ship HMS Bestival. Since that heady weekend we have sailed far into uncharted waters on a voyage of exploration and discovery, picking up rebels, misfits, artists and prophets, but alas we have run aground. Now, beached upon the warm sands of a tropical paradise our lookout peers through the palms fringing the beach, in a clearing he sees a stone temple, and teems of bamboo and palm roofed shacks. He hears the distant sound of drums on the breeze and sees tiny tribes-people moving and shaking. And there, in the middle of it all, the source of his confusion, is a giant bloody disco ball….

…this, my friend, is Desert Island Disco. And you are very welcome.

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Robin Hill Country Park
Isle of Wight, UK
Gates at 12:00
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